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The mighty comment of Kalakeya Prabhakar on Mammootty’s action…


The actor playing the role of the apt villain against Mammootty in the film ‘Parole’ is none other than the universal villain of Baahubali fame, Kalakeya Prabhakar, who immortalised the role of Inkoshi, the king of the Kalakeyas. There’s no doubt that this combination would rock the theatres.

Prabhakar says that his life has taken a positive change after the director if Baahubali, S. S. Rajamouli, approached him for the role of Inkoshi, the king of Kalakeyas. Prabhakar achieved international fame with his song, ‘Baha Kilikki’ with the renowned pop singer Smita.
In spite of Prabhakar being acclaimed as a universal star, he was astounded watching the mass performance of Mammootty. Prabhakar himself revealed this fact. The unique features that he saw in Mammootty were his absolute timing sense and lucid voice modulation, Prabhakar says. The perfectly timed diverse expressions that reflects on the actor’s face is worth watching, Prabhakar adds.

Although Prabhakar is associating with a Malayalam film for the first time, he had watched some films in Malayalam for their strong themes. When he was roped in for the role of villain in ‘Parole’ opposite Mammootty, he made time to explore and watch some Mammootty films before the shooting commenced, says the star.

Prabhakar further adds that he relished each and every scene with Mammootty and presently, he is a great Mammootty fan as well.

In a friendly chat with a popular web portal, Prabhakar says that Malayalam films have enticed him with their simplicity and units. It is a matter of pride for each Malayalee that even a proven actor like Prabhakar was mesmerised with the acting talent of our own Mammootty.
Mammootty Vs. Prabhakar – the action scenes of the film ‘Parole’ is going to be awesome.
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