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The punch dialogue of Mammootty in Masterpiece puts a break on Parvathy, who had come out with criticisms against Kasaba Movie

Mammootty’s punch dialogue in Masterpiece goes viral!!
Masterpiece movie dialogue parvathy

Prominent people are marking their responses after watching Mammootty’s Masterpiece. One of the best scenes in Masterpiece is the punch dialogue that Mammootty renders to IPS Bhavani Durga, the character played by Varalakshmi Sarathkumar. In the dialogue, he talks about womanhood and how greatly he respects women. Earlier, Parvathy had openly spoken against the sub standard dialogues, rendered by Mammootty as a police officer, against women in his film Kasaba. Since then Mammootty fans were against Parvathy for the same. Mammootty fans now consider that Mammootty has come out personally and spoken firmly against the accusation through his punch dialogue in the movie Masterpiece. This is like a direct response of Mammootty to the matter. The dialogue was received by the audience with great applause. There’s another scene later in the movie similar to this one in the movie. This has also been welcomed with great excitement by the viewers.

A prominent Malayalam news portal recently reported that actress Parvathy, along with her friends, had gone to a theatre in Kochi to watch the film, Masterpiece. She was identified by the people and Mammootty fans as she was coming after watching the movie from the VIP Square. However, Mammootty fans are celebrating the punch dialogues of Masterpiece as though it was a tit for tat reply to actress Parvathy’s criticism on Mammootty’s Kasaba. Several trolls are released on this as well.

Even before, the hit film, Ramleela, of the hero-in-controversy, Dileep, had some dialogues and scenes in it which has a deep resemblance to the life incidents of the actor. Similarly, the dialogues in the newly released Mammootty film, Masterpiece, are considered as a befitting reply to the severe criticism on the anti-feminine dialogues by Mammootty’s character in the film Kasaba. The truth is that both the incidents are just coincidental. They were not planned, says the film people. Anyway, there are latest reports stating that ardent Mammootty fans are watching Masterpiece again and again just to watch the punch dialogues in the film, which was delivered by Mammootty to Varalakshmi Sarathkumar.

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