Sunday , December 16 2018

The secret behind Mohanlal’s slimming and appearing younger revealed..

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Mohanlal's weight losing exercise

When Mohanlal said that he’d shock everyone, no one might have expected this much of a shock! The strenuous hard work and effort invested by Mohanlal for his film Odiyan is something that’s not even seen in Bollywood films. Mohanlal is undergoing a strict and tough exercise regime to enable him to portray the youth stage of his character Odiyan Manikyan in his film Odiyan. His fitness regime is being supervised by a team of twenty five experts from France. There are shocking reports coming in from the place where Lalettan is undergoing the regime.

Mohanlal is taking up a diet regime and complicated exercise regime, which is tough for even the healthiest person. He has given up all his normal food habits. According to the spokesperson of the expert team, this regime is equivalent to the mysterious Kaya Kalpa treatment which enables a man to shed off his aging process and help him restore the youthful appearance. This has to be taken up like a penance or a prayer with complete focus. Not only this, it is reported that Mohanlal’s personal physician is also present in the training camp.

The regime include strict aspects like day and night isolated stay in artificially created underground cells which do not let a ray of light in. The training process recommends some very stringent but scientifically proven guidelines which have to be followed with complete focus. After completing the training regime, Mohanlal would return only by the end of this month. Initially, reports came out stating that Mohanlal had lost around 15 Kgs, which might have surged up to losing more than 20 Kgs now. News reports claim that Mohanlal’s body is responding very fast to the strict exercise regime. It seems, the team has come with an evaluation that Mohanlal, who was once a wrestler, is blessed with a body that is 100% flexible. We cannot but bow down to this great personality when he returns in the form of a handsome chunk. That would be a wonder in the world cinema as well.

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