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The Shape of Water Movie Review & Rating | Sally Hawkins, Guillermo del Toro


The film, ‘Shape of Water,’ which had won several Oscars and other recognitions, is a film par excellence. The director of the film is Guillermo del Toro.

‘The Shape of Water’ is a romantic fantasy film. The story of the film is based in Baltimore in America in the period of 1965. This period is the tenure of the cold war. This film is set in the backdrop of the cold strike between the Soviet Union and America.

Elisa, the heroine of the film is mute, but she is quite intelligent and can converse in gestures. She leads a lonely life. She was, in fact, found from a river with bruises on her neck.

She leads an isolated life. She lives in the upper storey of a cinema theatre. She has only two acquaintances to mention. One is Giles, an elderly person living close to her premises. The other one is her co-worker, an African American lady named Zelda. These two people share a special bond with Elisa. Only they who could decipher her sign language well.

Elisa works as a cleaner in a high security government laboratory which has a mysterious aura around it. Once, a mysterious creature is captured from the South American river and brought to the laboratory where Elisa works as a janitor. The creature can be called a monster for its huge size. They put the creature in a water tank and bring it to the laboratory.

They lock the creature in a secretive place and conduct several experiments on him. History has witnessed the cold war era to have countries capturing creatures and developing them to attack the opponent country. For this, they conduct several experiments on creatures. This tendency is a peculiarity of the cold war period. The film reflects this as it develops.
Several painful experiments are done in the creature. Elisa happens to hear loud cries and blood stains around some places in the laboratory while cleaning. Now she gets curious to know the matter, and after many trials, she finally reaches the secret abode and sees the monster. It is then revealed that the creature is, in fact, a humanoid amphibian. She gradually forms a bond with the creature. The plot of the film progresses in this manner.


The bond takes the shape of love between the two. There are many touching scenes in the film as well.

Sally Hawkins, the popular English actress has portrayed Elisa in the film. She has rendered a commendable performance all through the film. She had been nominated for the best actress award at the Oscars for her impeccable performance.

The story of the film is from the director of the film, Guillermo del Toro, whereas the screenplay is jointly accomplished by Vanessa Taylor and Guillermo del Toro.

Powerful direction and impressive presentation are the characteristics of the film, undoubtedly. The story of the film takes place way back in 1965. So this can also be called a period film. One factor worth mentioning is the meticulously shot scenes taking care to preserve the essence of the period.

Dan Laustsen has done the cinematography of the film. The cinematography is at its best creating several scenes proving to be visual treat. The cinematography enables the viewers to experience a visual fantasy.

Another highlight of the movie is the soft, touching music in the film. The music in the film is composed by Alexandre Desplat. The music in the film won the Oscar Award for the best music.

A very good movie, which can be highly recommended to others for watching.

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