Thursday , February 21 2019

The superb wedding gift from Mohanlal to Bhavana..A Stunning WhatsApp Message

Mohanlal – a star in Bhavana’s wedding occasion as well!

Our favourite star, Mohanlal, has pleasantly surprised everyone through his unique way of wishing Bhavana on her wedding day! He marked his disappointment in not being able to attend the wedding personally in spite of Bhavana specially inviting him for the function. He talked to Bhavana and her groom, Naveen Krishna, over phone and wished them heartily. Alongside, Mohanlal also sent a special Whatsapp greeting message to the couple. This message has gained lot of attention and has become a hit. The message reads – “This marriage, which displays the union of two different languages and two different cultures, in fact, has become the latest example of unity in diversity in our country. My well wishes and greetings to both of you to have blended two different cultures.”

Reading this humour-dipped message from Mohanlal, Bhavana and her beau laughed out to their full, says Bhavana. Mohanlal is quite an expert in shocking his friends and colleagues through his humour tactics. This matter is, actually, quite popular among the film people. Mohanlal’s close friendship with the veteran director, Sathyan Anthikkad, and the intermittent pranks involved in the same has been revealed by the director himself. He says that he has relished the pranks several times before. Amongst the various other humorous instances of Mohanlal, the greeting message sent to Bhavana on her wedding occasion has gained great attention. At the same time, reports claim that Mohanlal would be visiting the newly married couple this week itself.

In which film is the biggest comedy item of Mohanlal that you’d relished heartily? You can express your comments below this article.

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