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Theneechayum Peerangippadayum Malayalam Movie Review & Rating


‘Theneechayum Peerangippadayum,’ the film released in Kerala, is directed by Haridas abd has Vineeth Mohan as the hero. Vuneetg entered the film domain through the Malayalam film ‘Memories.’ He has handled the role of ‘Moongakuttan’ in ‘Aadu oru bheekara jeeviyanu’ and ‘Aadu 2.’

The actress of this film is a newcomer. Almost all the cast in the film are new faces. There are some familiar faces like Harisree Ashokan and Sunil Sukhada as well. Ambika Mohan has done a notable role in the film.
This film is the story that takes place in a high range area. It is set in the 1975 tenure. A small Christian settlement village, which has two prominent Christian families, arch rivals to each other. The film mainly showcases the feud and rivalry between the two families.

Maliyekkal Tharavadu is a woman only house and Alice, the beautiful girl belongs to this family. Now, Alice is the only girl to have gone to college from the village. Therefore, she is the main subjecrmt of talk among the youngsters of the village.

The rival family of Maliyekkal is the Enaamparambu family. Benny Kutty, who belongs to this family has been a prankster and an impudent character since his childhood. Benny is shown as a villain with a flirtatious character. His main job is to stalk Alice and harass her in one way or the other.

Since Alice comes from a family of only women, the family, without any other option, seeks the help of some goons and brings them down to their house to fix things up. Sudhi, one among the goons, falls in love with Alice, thus, taking a new turn of events. This is the plot of the film to a certain extent.

The story of the film is set in the year 1975. Therefore, the director seems to have invested a lot of efforts to bring about an essence and feel of 1975. However, it is not sure whether the director has been able to convey the feel to the audience effectively.

The name of the film ‘Theneechayum Peerangippadayum’ sounds interesting, but the name does not comply much to the film and story of the film is not developed to that extent.

Talking about the technicians in the film, Haridas has directed the film, K. P. Sunil has done the screenplay, Manikandan has handled the cinematography, and the music in the film is done by Tej Mervin.

The music and songs in the film are quite impressive. The background music is also above average. The lyrics of the songs in the movie are penned down by Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma. The lines are really good.

Many acclaimed film makers have confessed that it is not easy to make a movie with newcomers. This film also has drawbacks due to this. This can be overlooked though.

Viewers who love watching and rating the performances of newcomers can definitely go ahead with the movie.

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