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There’s a fine story apt for Mohanlal .. Would you give me the date please?

Mohanlal and Vinayan face to face again!
Vijayan requested to Mohanlal for his date

The rivalry between the Vinayan and the superstars of Malayalam cinema is quite popular. In the past, when the great actor late Thilakan got into a feud with AMMA, the star body, and detached himself from the same, Vinayan was one of those prominent people who extended his full-fledged support to Thilakan and stood with him.

Some years back, Vinayan had cast Madanlal, a look alike of Mohanlal, and made a film named super star. This move of Vinayan got him into neck deep controversy. However, it has always been the greatest dream of Vinayan to make at least one film with the one and only Mohanlal. He tried to approach Mohanlal directly as well as through people close to the star, but Mohanlal hadnt consented for the same. On the other hand, Vinayan made superb films with Mammootty and earned the name of being a hit maker. However, Vinayan parted ways with not only Mammootty but also mainstream cinema. He locked his horns with the film stars and star organisations, thereby getting isolated and ending up without any work in films. He had to divert to other businesses for livelihood.

Now that Vinayan is freed from the prolonged restriction imposed on him by various cine organisations, he is back into film making, and presently, he is engaged in the making if a film on Kalabhavan Mani. Meanwhile, it seems that he is still carrying on and working on his cherished desire to make a film on Mohanlal. There’s news that a trusted ally of Vinayan approached Mohanlal saying that there was an apt story for Mohanlal, and whether he could give him his date. However, Mohanlal hasn’t reacted to this matter yet. Not only this, sources claim that Vinayan approached the popular young film stars of the new generation with different subjects, but they all seemed to be disinterested and sent him off without a positive response. Sources close to film organisations claim that there’s a sort of unproclaimed restriction against Vinayan even now, after his official ban has been lifted.

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