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This is the rating given by Kamal Haasan for Mammootty’s ‘Peranbu’..These are the words spoken by the universal hero, Kamal Haasan on Mammootty..


The universal hero, Kamal Haasan, has stated that Mammootty is a star not only for the Malayalam film industry, but also for the Tamil film world. Through his splendid performance in the film, ‘Peranbu,’ Mammootty would bring fame, glory and awards to the Tamil film industry says Kamal Haasan, expressing his confidence over the film.

The words of Kamal Haasan goes as this.. “I happened to watch the film ‘Peranbu’ by my friend, Ram. It is a unique film. This film, with its excellent direction and powerful performances, would definitely be counted as one of the best Tamil films ever made. In this era, where there’s competition to market anything everywhere, I strongly recommend everyone to watch this movie at least once. Ram has done an apt casting of the characters in the film.”

Kamal Haasan also added that the film would provide a golden opportunity to the Tamil viewers to watch the performance of the highly talented actor, Mammootty, from a close angle. Kamal Haasan further revealed his thoughts saying that he would give Mammootty a 100/100 for his dazzling performance in the film.

Many prominent persons from the Tamil film world have expressed their superb opinions after watching the preview screening of the film, ‘Peranbu.’ Earlier, Tamil superstar, Sarath Kumar had praised the film and Mammootty’s performance in it. The world premiere of the film, ‘Peranbu,’ was held at the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival on January 27th this year. The film is expected to be released on an all India basis in May this year.

‘Peranbu’ is directed by Ram aka Ramasubramaniam, who became very popular after having acted in ‘Thanga Meengal,’ which was much appreciated and had accumulated various awards. ‘Perambu’ has acquired fine rating and reviews at the world premiere in the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Mammootty fans anticipate Mammootty to win his fourth National award in this film for his awesome performance in ‘Peranbu.’ If this happens, Mammootty would be one of those rare actors who have won National awards for acting in films of more than one language.

Mammootty fans expect 2018 to be one of the best years in the acting tenure for Mammootty, who had come to the proximity of Padmabhushan Award before

Can you list out the Mammootty films which were selected as best films based on the acting performance?
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