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Trisha revealed an 18- year old secret to Mammootty!

Every Malayalee should listen to Trisha’s words…
Trisha revealed a secrete about Mammootty

‘Hey Jude’ is the upcoming Nivin Pauly film, directed by Shyamaprasad, and has just completed its shooting in Goa. The South Indian beauty star, Trisha, plays the female lead in the film. This film, Hey Jude, would be the first Malayalam movie of Trisha. Trisha commented on Mammootty, quite unexpectedly, during the brisk interview she has permitted to some film magazines.

Trisha says that Mammootty’s dashing appearance is enough to break the heart of any woman. She reveals that eighteen years back this happened with her as well. These are Trisha’s words. “This happened way back in 1999. I was into films then. This was before the shooting of my first film, Jodi. I was a participating in the 1999 Miss Madras contest. I won the title by displaying my full confidence during the contest.

It was during the award distribution ceremony that the names of the invitees and guests were announced. Film stars Mammootty and Prashant were the chief guests in the ceremony. Naturally, Prashant was give more attention as he was a Tamil film star. However, when Mammootty graced the stage, the whole set of audience was awestruck at his magnificent appearance. What a splendid glamour! What a personality! All the contestants, including me, who were very conscious about beauty and looks, became his fans instantly. We were actually competing with one another to take photographs with him and also acquire the autographs of the great hero. When I introduced myself to him saying that I was Trisha Krishnan, he asked me whether I was a Malayalee. I still remember telling him that my origin is in Palakkad but I cannot speak Malayalam.”

Trisha discloses that since then she had a secret adulation and crush for Mammootty, which she maintains even today, she says with a light smile. Trisha also adds that there’s no much change to Mammootty’s appearance even now after so many years.

It is a matter of extreme pride to each of us Malayalees when we see that that the astounding glamour of our own Mammootty steals the hearts of other stars as well. This is happening even now.

Which is your favourite Mammootty movie in which he appears the most handsome?
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