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Villain Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Mohanlal | Vishal |Manju Warrier

Villain Malayalam Movie Review

Villain is the film written and directed by B. Unnikrishnan and produced by Rockline Venkatesh. The cinematography of the film is done by Manoj Paramahamsa and the editing by Shameer Mohammed. The music in the film is accomplished by 4 musics and Sushin Shyam. Other than Mohanlal, the film is enriched with a long star cast like Vishal, Manju Warrier, Hansika, Sreekanth, Siddique, Renji Panicker, Chemban Vinod and so on.

The film showcases the story of Mathew Manjooran. The film opens by showing some incidents that occur in some parts of the city. The rest of the film follows the leads and develops the story as the film progresses. There’s a scene shown in trailer where we see Siddique asking Mohanlal “It is your final day in the service, right?” It is from this last that that ‘Villain’ unfolds its story of investigating the mysterious murders and related events.

Undoubtedly, the striking performance of Mohanlal as Mathew Manjooran is the backbone of the movie. The film progresses in an emotional mode rather than the thriller genre. Mohanlal has excelled as Mathew Manjooran in his salt and pepper getup. Mohanlal’s performance is awesome in the emotional scenes, especially the hospital scenes.

The character of Mathew Manjooran beautifully merges the happenings of his past life and the changes they bring to his present life. Although there is huge star cast in the film, Chemban Vinod’s name has to be mentioned specifically for his powerful performance. Chemban stands apart with his performance even when the scenes go on with the salutations and addressing patterns of ‘sir’ amidst the hierarchically higher and lower officers. Though Vishal was apt in his looks and expression, there’s nothing much to mention about his performance in the film. Siddique was outstanding in the scenes in the first half of the film.

villain malayalam movie review

Certain scenes in Mathew’s earlier life seems to be unessential for the flow of the film. The camera shots finely blend the progress of the case investigation and the personal life of Mathew. The camera moves are one of the superb characteristics of the film. The background music is very good in the emotional scenes, whereas the music is not up to the mark in the action scenes.

However, the action scenes in the film are excellent. The melodious song ‘Kandittum Kandittum’ rendered by Yesudas is another fine feature of the film. Lack of a strong story script is evident in the film. Therefore, Villain cannot be listed as one of the best films among the films directed by B. Unnikrishnan.

The beginning of the film expects to set a good backdrop for the rest of the film. But the fact remains that the film has all the scenes that could have been anticipated by the viewers after watching the trailer of the movie. Though the director tries to show a thriller theme set in an emotional background, many a times, he takes us to a different level of the previously told story.

The Characterization and casting of the movie, along with the characters walking in the movie at different times also seems to be repeated in the same background as mentioned above. That’s why there are no much twists, and the film script exactly follows the track that can be anticipated by the viewers. The film tries to point out and speak on the current events, but it is not satiating and seems to be incomplete.

Technically, the film provides a powerful presentation, but as the film progresses, we can see the hero transforming into a villain, and the villain into a hero without any foreword. To add to this, Manjooran’s philosophical dialogues towards the closure of the movie interrupts and irritates the flow of the film. You can go on to watch the film if you are interested to watch the striking performance of the hero. You can approach this emotional-thriller entertainer with a mind-set to watch the movie without a scintillating script and not-so-perfect direction. In other terms, Villain is a cinema which only establishes the character of Manjooran in a old plot.
Villain is a watchable movie; however, you need to discard great hopes and anticipation on the movie.
The overall rating for the movie is 2.5/5

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