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Vimaanam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating | Prithviraj, Alencier Ley Lopez

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We all have dreams, isn’t it? Some dreams would be very aspiring. We would just want to realise them at any cost. Our efforts can materialise our dreams at times or even fail to do so. The film, Vimaanam, by Pradeep M. Nair tells the story about such a dream. Vineeth Sreenivasan film, Aby, speaks about the undying desire of a boy to make a plane. The film talked about his dream. However, this film has got a different story background. This film is produced by imbibing inspiration from a person named Saji, who overcame all his physical deformities, pursued his dreams, and built a plane successfully. Vimaanam is produced by Listin Stephen, and the music in the film is done by Gopi Sundar. The cinematography is by Shehnad Jalal. Other than Prithviraj in the lead role, there is a star cast of Durga Krishna, Alencier Ley Lopez, Sudheer Karamana and so on.

The film initially shows Venkateshwaran of this era, who is fondly called Venki. He is a world renowned scientist, who receives a call from his native place when he is in Delhi. The film, Vimaanam, unfurls its story as Venki gets lost in the memories of his life all through his travel to his native place.

Since his childhood, Venki had high aspirations to build a plane. There’s his uncle, portrayed by Sudheer Karamana, the character by Alencier, and his childhood playmate, Janaki, as his trusted allies supporting him in whatever he does. The film mainly shows the tenure, when Venki was working in his uncle’s workshop. Aspirations, dreams and aims.. these were very strong in Venki. So were the complications that came along. He had issues in his love frame too.

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The film reveals whether Venki would be able to achieve his dreams or not. Prithviraj has given a tremendous performance in the film. The workshop tenure and scenes are pretty well done. However, the body language in the last scene is quite weak. Janaki churns out to be a strong heroine character. Special mention to Sudheer Karamana and Alencier for their excellent performances as well. The casting of Venki and Janaki during their childhood days was really good. The music and background score in the film come to average, whereas the cinematography is fine in the film. The film lives its script and progresses as expected, but fails to show things beyond the superficial facts as it was conveyed during the interval. The graphics in the first half was not up to the mark, whereas the cinematography was awesome in the second half.

Intense desire to achieve something, the hurdles on the way to achieving the dreams.. all these are very well shown in the film without going into the details of making a plane. Love and friendship are shown as the two pillars, which gives a cinematic dimension to the movie. This film can be watched with family. Though there us a lag in between, the film is able to communicate its feel to the fullest. The director deserves a huge applause for this. Vimaanam, undoubtedly, would be a refreshing cinema experience.

The rating provided for Vimaanam is 3.5/5

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