Thursday , February 21 2019

What is seen is just the trailer! It’s not all! The actual one is yet to come..

The latest revelations by Mohanlal’s trainer!!

After having shocked and enticed his fans by losing 18 Kgs in 51 days and getting a new look, Mohanlal will be continuing with his rigorous exercising and stringent diet to achieve more evident transformation in his appearance, reports say. This information revealed by his fitness coordinator and doctor, who is a Malayali, has acquired prominent news value now. These latest revelations point out to the possibilities of getting more shocking surprises from Mohanlal’s side as he goes on with the fitness regime.

Reports claim that Mohanlal would go on with the fitness regime until he slims down further and become more compatible to portray the very young stage of Odiyan Manickyan, in his upcoming film, Odiyan. The shooting of the remaining portion of the film, Odiyan, was proposed to take off in December, but is now postponed to January to enable Mohanlal to complete his regime successfully. He would gain more fitness and firmness in his body by then, reports reveal. He was forced to attend a public function in Kochi the other day as it was a pre committed and unavoidable event. He had attended the function before his training has been completed. Moreover, Mohanlal has expressed his desire to continue with the fitness regime, and wants the expert team with him for at least a couple of years. This is because his body is very well cooperating with training regime.

Anyway, Mohanlal is out to dare the extreme. To summarise the latest news reports, Mohanlal is determined to mould and prepare his body to acquire the aspired shape for portraying Bheema in his magnanimous film, Randaamoozham.
What are your expectations of Mohanlal’s film, Odiyan?
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