Friday , August 23 2019

“What?? Never! Can I do that with Mammootty?”

Malayalees megastar Mammootty and the Tamilians superstar Rajani kanth acted together in the movie Thalapathi, which was released twenty seven years back. Even though years have passed both the Malayalees and the Tamilians have a lot to say about this movie. They are still cherishing the stylish acting of Rajani, the gallant and doughty look of Mammootty and above all the magnificent direction of Maniratnam.

In one of his interviews with a Tamil magazine, Rajanikanth recently shared an unforgettable incident that happened at the shooting location of Thalapathi. There was a scene where Mammootty has to come forward and speak to Rajani’s character emotionally.

While shooting the scene Rajani forgot himself and applauded Mammootty for his classic performance. Not only Rajani but also all the members at the location showered Mammootty with praise. In that interview Rajani also said that the God had given him an opportunity to act with this megastar and people really enjoyed the chemistry between them.

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