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Who rocked the stage of Amma Mazhavillu? Mammootty or Mohanlal? Don’t feel offended by the reality!!



Who stole the show at the Amma Mazhavillu event? Mammootty, Mohanlal or someone else? Following the show, the fans of the stars have now taken it to the social media with the arguments.

Mohanlal fans claim that Mohanlal rocked the floor with his dance, songs and comedy numbers whereas Mammootty fans are of the opinion that Mammootty shone at the show to such an extent that even Tamil superstar, Suriya, commented on the glamour of Mammootty.

The director of the show, Siddique, comments that it is not vital as to who performed better at the show as the show is no way a competition. It is to be noted as to how much the stars, who had invested hours into the show, were able to entertain the audience in the stadium.

As per the fans of the stars, the program was a success and had entertained everyone at the venue. Many are of the opinion that actors like Mohanlal and Mammootty graced the stage with their scintillating performances far beyond their ages. However, a section of people are of the opinion that young actors were not given enough space to perform in the event.

The organisers say that most of the young actors could not take part in the program or the rehearsals as they were either shooting out in other countries or had gone on leisure trips. Therefore, the participation was very less from the young actors’ side. Those who had participated also did not find enough time for the rehearsals.

Dileep, who had been expelled from AMMA, owing to his alleged involvement in the actress arrack case, could also not participate in the show. Many people of AMMA were of the opinion to invite Dileep as a guest to the show, but refrained due to the fear of invoking a controversy in the media and mass.

Suriya, who came in as the chief guest of Amma Mazhavillu returned excitedly and took on to Twitter to write on the event emotionally. He says that it was an unforgettable moment for him when he got to share the stage space with great legends like Mohanlal and Mammootty. He pens that he has been greatly inspired by Mohanlal and follows him in life. He further adds with an emotional punch stating that there are no words in any language to describe the great personality called Mohanlal.

These words of Suriya have become viral in the social media. However, the debate still continues in the social media as to who performed well at the show. This will go on till the program is telecasted.

Anyway, you can also comment on this if you’ve watched the show.

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