Monday , August 20 2018

“Hello Sir! Please wait! You have the same look as our Lalettan!!”

Mohanlal’s superb response to a passenger, who was dumbfounded seeing Mohanlal in his new look!
Mohanlal in Nedumbassery airport with his new look

Many people assembled in Nedumbassery Airport did not recognise the VIP who had arrived wearing black goggles, clean shaven, and in the stylish attire akin to a Hollywood star. A few people, who were in line with cinema, seemed to identify the person. This is our Lalettan, isn’t it? Oh God! What a change! There were many who uttered these words in a dumbstruck manner. All those who saw him in his new look, appearing to be only 30 year old, exclaimed as to what this magic was! A person who clicked the photos of Mohanlal at the airport, spread the same through Whatsapp and social media. The photos became viral very soon.

However, reports are coming out stating a very interesting incident that occurred in the airport as Mohanlal walked in. When Mohanlal reached Nedumbassery Airport, a co-traveller said this. He says that when a young looking, clean shaven and dashing Mohanlal walked through the airport wearing black glasses, a man got behind him. Even after a long time, Mohanlal did not give any attention to the man, he stopped Mohanlal and said, “Hello Sir, please wait.. you look just like our Mohanlal!” Mohanlal turned back and with his signature smile replied saying, “Oh is it! Many people are saying this nowadays.” He walked past after saying this.

The man who asked the question realised his folly much later, reports say. However, Mohanlal’s makeover is the top news in the cinema circle now.

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