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“You shouldn’t have done this to me,” says a disturbed Manju Warrier

Manju’s words would shock anyone!!
Manju Warrier responding her faith

Just like Dileep lost his sleep and peace of mind after being accused in the actress attack case, Manju Warrier has also lost her sleep and is quite disturbed nowadays. Manju might have never anticipated in her wildest dreams that the police would corner her in this way. The prosecution in the Dileep case has submitted the crime file including Manju Warrier’s name as the prime witness in the case. Manju says that the police have made her a witness in the case without her consent. It seems Manju had requested the investigating team to avoid dragging her into the case. She had told facts that were known to her. That’s all! She pleaded that she should be kept aloof from the case as it might reflect on the future of her daughter, and also, there are high chances of her being misinterpreted in the case. Therefore, she’d requested the police not to make her a witness in the case.

The police, when they approached Manju, assured that there was nothing to worry and that they just wanted to have some general information from her. Now that she is included as a witness in the case, her name would be dragged every now and then as the case progresses. This is highly disturbing for the actress. Manju has taken a firm stand that she would spurt out all the facts she knows anywhere without considering the stand of the police. However, she wouldn’t say anything with the intention to trap anyone, she says.

Manju might have to face the awkward situation of standing face-to-face with Dileep in the court and speak against him as well. Manju confirms that she had never told anywhere that Dileep was the one behind the manipulation that led to the actress attack. However, it was Manju who first accused of a criminal manipulation involved in the actress attack case. Manju was speaking at the meeting of the film body that took place in Kochi to mark the protest against the incident. It was Manju’s accusation and the statements of the victim’s family that led the investigating team to Dileep it seems.

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